Relax and heal yourself with reiki! Reiki is healing energy that is channeled through the practitioner into the client. This service is performed fully clothed on a massage table or chair; the practitioner will gently place hands on or above the client’s body.

  • 30 minutes $35
  • 60 minutes $60


Get physical practicing yoga! Each session is unique, based on the needs of the client and can be tailored anywhere from a gentle, restorative session that improves mobility to a sweat-burning power yoga session.

  • Private Sessions $35/hour
    • add 15 minute reiki + meditation +$15

Meditation + Reiki

Get your friends together for a relaxing night in! You’ll be guided into a deep meditation while receiving reiki for ultimate relaxation. Let your stress melt away!

  • Group session 1 hour (min. 3 people) $15 per person